Mirrors - [La Llum A Les Ones 2013]

by The Free Fall Band

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(Lyrics by Jana Codina and Enric Solé, Col·legi Casp, Barcelona)

Des de l'ICFO-Institut de Ciències Fotòniques de Barcelona, un centre d'investigació punta sobre la naturalesa i les aplicacions de la llum, s'organitza un concurs de divulgació científica dirigit a estudiants de 3r i 4t d'ESO i de 1r i 2n de Batxillerat de Catalunya.

Els alumnes participen enviant un poema o un text breu de ciència ficció relacionat amb la llum, i els treballs finalistes són la base d'una cançó musicalitzada per algun grup dels voltants de Barcelona.


Flat, convexes or concaves
Help the tireless light
To turn left and right
Spread throughout waves

On shop-windows, glimpsing your reverse
See whether you’re looking nice
Stare at it more than twice
You’ll look symmetric but inverse

It’s not magic nor superstition
All’s related to light’s transmission

Viganella’s settled on a valley
With ranges all around
And the light cannot be carried
So rays never hit the town

Dark and cloudy eighty days,
Citizens were in light’s chase.
Hung a mirror in the proper place
Therefore now the light stays.

It’s not magic nor superstition
All’s related to light’s transmission.

Were also used in ancient times
Arquimedes a stratagem designs
Beams happened to defeat
And burn the sails of a whole fleet

Even in myth they can be found
Shame Narcis ends up drowned
Once the next the pond kneels
And so much love for himself feels

It’s not magic nor superstition
All’s related to light’s transmission.

As well as in science are effective,
In many issues such as perspective:
With the set of mirrors in the right angle
The microscope will magnify the sample

So mirrors countless applications have
But their success, with the light halve;
Unfortunately now the story is over,
And we arrived to the book’s back cover.


released September 27, 2013


tags: pop Spain



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